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We prepare our pizzas with only the best raw materials, ingredients carefully selected from the best Italian and international manufacturers.
  • Spelt flour

    type “0” and wholemeal

    Spelt is the oldest type of wheat grown and eaten by man. Since it does not require chemical fertilisers, it is the ultimate organic cereal. In addition to proteins, vitamins and minerals, spelt is rich in fibre, which guarantees digestibility and aids intestinal peristalsis.

  • Yeast

    dry spelt starter

    When a dough made from water and spelt flour is allowed to ferment, the microorganisms in the two ingredients and the air turn it into a yeast culture, producing the starter. Once the starter has reached the ideal strength, it is dried and then re-activated, so that it can be safely preserved.

  • Tomato passata

    all Italian

    Made from fresh, organic, non-genetically modified Italian plum tomatoes, which are strained and bottled while hot, this flavoursome passata enlivens the pizza with its bright colour and it goes well with other ingredients.

  • Buffalo mozzarella

    Protected Designation of Origin: Campania

    Buffalo milk is twice as rich as cow milk and has an unmistakeable taste and fragrance. Today’s stringent regulations require mozzarella production to be completed within 16 hours of milking, using only milk from Italian Mediterranean water buffalo.

  • Extra virgin oil

    from Italian olives

    Olive oil gives pizza a decisive finishing touch that respects the variety of flavours. Obtained by centrifugal extraction from organic olives ground cold with granite rollers, the oil has a high monounsaturated fat content and a delicate floral and herbal bouquet.

  • Soy slices

    dutch style

    In these slices the high protein content already present in traditional tofu is incremented by the protein of peas and sunflower seed oil, for enhanced flavour and nutritional value. On the pizza the soy slices retain a soft texture that is pleasing to the palate.

  • Sea salt

    natural unrefined

    This salt with its shiny white flakes is obtained through the natural evaporation and fractional crystallisation of seawater. Carefully washed, the salt maintains its oligomineral properties intact and contains no traces of genetically modified organisms.

  • Oregano

    dried naturally

    Distinguishing feature: Mediterranean intensity. We select oregano of the highest quality. It is not irradiated. Rather it is purified exclusively with steam, then dried naturally to keep its fragrance intact.

  • Basil

    market fresh

    To conserve the fragrance and freshness of this aromatic herb, the bright green leaves with their unmistakeable flavour are placed on the pizza at the last moment.

  • Tuna slices


    Yellowfin tuna is found in all warm seas and takes its name from the characteristic bright yellow of its fins. A high content of unsaturated fats, notably Omega-3, is one of the qualities of tuna meat, popular because of its digestibility and mildly salty flavour.

  • Red onions

    from Tropea

    The Tropea red onion has a mild, crisp, refined flavour and important beneficial properties: not only does it contain thiols, which prevent the accumulation of fat, and antioxidants, it has antibacterial and diuretic properties, a high mineral and enzyme content to aid digestion, and it helps prevent vascular disease… goodness and health!

  • Truffled mushrooms

    field mushrooms

    Agaricus Campestris is the name of this field mushroom. Eaten by the ancient Romans, it is a widely popular and versatile food, with a pleasing smell and flavour. It has firm white flesh, which acquires a reddish hue when cut and left in contact with the air.

  • Artichokes

    under oil

    These little gems owe their quality to their being grown in earth that has been respected. Grown without pesticides or herbicides, when picked the artichokes undergo rapid low-temperature treatment to ensure they retain their authentic flavour and superior quality. They are optimally conserved in organic olive oil.

  • Aubergines courgettes peppers

    market fresh

    Three of Italy’s most popular summer vegetables turn the pizza into a lively palette of colours and flavours, and they’re packed with minerals, vitamins and fibre. Aubergines lower cholesterol and have antibacterial effects, courgettes have cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties, and peppers help prevent cardiovascular disease.

  • Black and green olives

    in brine

    Black and green to suit all preferences, traditionally Italian, tasty and environmentally friendly, naturally organic, pitted for maximum enjoyment. The brine solution has a higher salt concentration than seawater.

  • Capers in oil

    only flower buds

    Thanks to careful processing with traditional methods immediately after harvesting in May and June, the capers sprinkled on the pizza retain the full intensity of their taste and flavour. Only the flower buds are used, not the lower-quality caper berries.

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A healthy diet is a universal right.

The world is going through a major revolution in the field of nutrition based on the principle that we all have a right to a healthy diet—a revolution that Bella&Brava is a part of with its innovative contribution to safeguarding ingredients in terms of their healthiness, quality and freshness and the great care with which they are processed. The best flour, the long leavening of the dough, the lowering of the baking temperature by 18°, and the right topping lend a characteristic fragrance to each of our pizzas, an unmistakable sign of the integrity of the ingredients from producer to consumer.


In preparing our pizza we select the best flour and let the dough rise for as long as needed, which is the way to make it lighter and easier to digest. After baking, we freeze it at -18°C, which preserves its flavour and fragrance. When you are ready to eat it we bring back its fresh taste with our state-of-the-art ovens.


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Bella&Brava is presenting a new paradigm: food that is high quality, healthy and essential, easily replicable in different variants, and prepared with the utmost care.

Tradition is enriched by the contemporary flavours of Bella&Brava products and our underlying ethical commitment: to offer a complete meal virtuously prepared, packaged in recyclable packaging and honestly advertised. The pizza comes in just six different varieties, which permits us to maintain a standard of excellence that can only be achieved through being meticulously focused.


Bella&Brava is based on sensible choices: select the best ingredients, behave virtuously, and be open to new combinations.

People are the soul of any business.

Bella & Brava is an adventure in constant evolution, always ready to renew itself and to welcome suggestions, proposals and passionate collaborations.


The heart of Bella&Brava’s business are the people, ordinary men and women united for the purpose of creating this extraordinary enterprise.

We want to improve the quality of life.

Through good food and proper nutrition, helping to make people peaceful and aware of what Nature and Knowledge give us every day. If you share, send your application to: info@bellabrava.it

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